Disposable Surgical Drapes For Dental

Disposable sterile drapes for stomatology, or dental procedures, play a critical role in maintaining a clean and sterile environment to prevent cross-contamination and ensure patient safety.

These drapes are specifically designed for dental procedures and typically include features that cater to the unique requirements of dental surgeries. Some common disposable sterile drapes used in stomatology include:

  • Dental chair covers: for protecting and maintaining the cleanliness of the dental chair.
  • Patient bibs: disposable bibs worn by patients to protect their clothing during dental procedures.
  • Tray covers: to keep dental instruments and trays sterile throughout the procedure.
  • Sterile field drapes: to create a clean and sterile area around the patient’s mouth during dental surgeries.
  • Oral cavity drapes: to isolate and provide a sterile field within the patient’s oral cavity during procedures.

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