Disposable Surgical Drapes For General Surgery

For general surgery procedures, disposable surgical drape sets typically include a variety of drapes to cover different areas of the patient’s body and the surgical field. These sets are designed to provide optimal coverage and protection during various types of general surgical procedures.

Some common drapes included in a disposable surgical drape set for general surgery may consist of:

  • Full body drape: Covers the entire patient with a central opening for the surgical site.
  • Extremity drapes: Used to isolate and expose specific extremities, such as arms or legs.
  • Fenestrated drapes: Drapes with an opening or fenestration to provide access to the surgical area while maintaining a sterile field.
  • Incise drapes: Adhesive drapes with an integrated incise film to create a barrier around the surgical site.

These drapes are essential for maintaining a sterile field, preventing the spread of pathogens, and promoting proper infection control practices during general surgical procedures. It’s important to use a quality disposable surgical drape set that meets the necessary standards for safety and effectiveness in the operating room.


Surgery team in operating room

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